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stairway to the sun

I Get Around!

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Machine pieced and quilted. Appliqued using a variety of yarns.
Hand dyed and commercial cottons.
16 1/2”w X 15 1/2”h
© 2003

Living in a rain forest on a small island I see little in the way of sunshine for months at a time. By the beginning of spring, when this quilt was started, every cell in my body cries out for sunshine. Climbing up to the sun, basking in its warmth is a winter dream come true. Flowing from the sun is joy and happiness and the potential for summer in all its glory.

Quilts that give the illusion of “flow” intrigue me. When I discovered I could put together a quilt using couched yarns instead of piecing curves “Stairway to the Sun” was under way.

Exhibition List
ARTQUILTSJourneys (2005), Professional Art Quilt’s Alliance South, Cary, NC
Altered Shapes Exhibit (2004), Mennonite Heritage Centre Gallery, Winnipeg, MB


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