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Monoprinted, fabric-painted, whole-cloth cotton quilt with commercial cotton binding, glass beads, pearl cotton, fun fur, emu feathers (courtesy of Gus) machine thread painted and quilted, cotton batting
25”w X 25”h
spring © 2006

Inspiration came to me around the time of my birthday. It was brought on by the realization of another year having come and gone so quickly.

Moths flutter around in a flame to the point of their demise. Humans, like the moths flutter around busily doing their lives. They are mesmerized by the dance of the day with the flames of time hot on their heels.

Do the dance that feeds your soul,
Light the way, make time for play,
Open your wings and fly!

This is my interpretation of the Polyphemus Moth
(Antheraea polyphemus) dancing in the light. You can find these large moths (adults 10-12cm) in our area, though they are not that common. They are, in fact, close to extinction because of circling too many street lights in urban areas.

Exhibition List
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow (2008), Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, Kitchener, ON
Illumination (2006), Kariton House Gallery, Abbotsford, BC


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