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Private Collection

dyed, stamped, painted, and commercial cotton, painted cheese cloth, watercolor pencil, glass beads,
machine thread painted and quilted
10 1/2”w X 10”h
autumn © 2005

Butterflies start out in this world as lowly caterpillars, progress into a chrysalis and develop into the wonderful creatures they eventually become. These colorful, delicate creatures typify us a dynamic, creative individuals... rising up from what we once were, developing into what we want and need to become. Like the butterfly our obsession is with being nurtured and being allowed the freedom to spread our wings and fly.

This is my interpretation of a Lycaena helloides, Purplish Copper Butterfly. It is widespread in southern British Columbia (Vancouver Island and the interior) and across the southern Prairies. It tends to be a common species in open fields, roadsides, and wet meadows throughout its western range.

Commissioned by - Sheila Morrison.


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